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What positive Impact will you have on the World?

The service we render to others is the rent we pay for our time on this earth.

There are few sensations in the world that humans enjoy more the feeling they get when giving to others. As soon as children are able, they begin sharing their treats with their loved ones. They share their food, give away their toys, are quick to give kisses and hugs to those that are kind to them, and sometimes even to people they do not know at all. The pleasure derived from giving has been the source of much psychological and philosophical discussion. Some people say we give because we enjoy doing so. Others say we only give because on some deep level, we know that giving paves the road to receiving. Whether giving is a greedy move or a generous one does not really matter. What matters is that everyone involved in the giving process benefits from the exchange. Those receiving the gift feel appreciated. Those giving the gift feel good simply for doing so.

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