Weight Loss

When you want to drink, think WATER

Our experience of thirst is often not the one to which we are the most attuned, or even to which we bother paying attention. Especially when we are engaged in other interesting activities, and
most significantly when they are physical activities, the sensation of thirst can and often does take a back seat, or worse, is left completely unheeded, to lose ground and essentially “run behind the bus” without being recognized and accommodated at all. Yet without sufficient water, all other abilities and functions are compromised and will eventually grind to a halt. During sport, staying hydrated is essential. Losing a liter without replacing it will have an adverse effect on performance, though the athlete may not yet be aware of it. Fall two liters into arrears, and the effect will become more profound, with tiredness, weakness, and amotivation exerting themselves upon the athlete in noteworthy fashion. By the time someone is three liters low on water, s/he will either be down for the count, or very close to quitting, literally unable to continue to function.

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