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#1 AB WORKOUT MISTAKE (Fix With One Tweak!!)

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Most people are making one common mistake in their ab workouts. This is the worst abs workout mistake because it keeps people from getting a flatter stomach and gives them the look of bloated abs. Thankfully there’s an easy fix for this abs mistake.

In this video we won’t be showing you worst abs exercises. Instead we’ll show you an important form tip for your ab workouts that can help you get a flatter stomach. Before we get there, one of the worst abs workout mistake people make is thinking that you shouldn’t train the obliques. Some people call working obliques one of the worst ab exercise mistakes because it is said that they make you look wider. This is not true at all. Working obliques is one thing that will help you get a more streamlined flatter stomach.

The number #1 Ab Workout Mistake people are making is blowing out at the end of each rep. It’s better to cinch in your stomach and exhale slowly throughout the entire rep. Not doing so is one of the worst ab workout mistakes because it keeps you from getting the most out of your abs workouts. We’ll show you how to make use of our recommendation on several ab exercises.

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