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10 Minute Booty Burn | No Equipment | NO RESTING!!

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This 10 minute booty burn workout will give you an effective and super quick booty burn. These are some of the best exercises to lift your booty. During this booty burning workout you’ll be doing a 10 minute glutes workout that will help you both build tone in the glutes and burn body fat.

There are 5 booty exercises in this 10 min glutes workout. You’ll do each of the glutes exercises for one minute and proceed directly to the next booty exercise with no rest. For a complete 10 min booty burn you’ll do 2 complete rounds of this glutes workout. If you are a beginner it’s ok to take more rest during this butt workout if you needed. If you are more advanced try to do the entire 10 minute glutes workout with no rest, and if you’re very advanced you can do up to 4 rounds of this booty burning workout for a total of 20 minutes. For the best booty burn check out our MAX/Shred program https://athleanx.com/max-shred

Here are the glute exercises that make up this quick booty burn:

1) Single Leg Elevated Glute Thrust
2) Smurf Jacks
3) Bulgarian Split Squat
4) Single Leg Touchdowns
5) Marker Grabs

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