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10 Minute FAT TORCHING Workout (SWEAT IT OUT!!)

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This fat burning workout is a 10 minute cardio routine that has all the fat burning exercises you need for a complete weight loss workout. This fat burner will help you not only get a 10 minute cardio workout but also will help you build strength as a full body workout. Give this fat burn workout a try for an awesome 10 minute fat burner.

There are 3 fat torching exercises in this total body workout. For each of the fat burning exercises in this fat burner, you’ll do 60 seconds with little to no rest in between the moves of this fat loss workout. If you are a beginner try to do 3 rounds for about a 10 minute fat burning workout. If you’re a beginner you can take a little bit of extra rest during this 10 minute cardio routine. If you are more advanced you can do 6 rounds of these fat torching exercises for a total of a 20 minute fat burner workout. If you are looking for a complete cardio workout that will help you build and maintain muscle mass, check out our MAX/Shred program


Here are the exercises that make up this fat burn workout:

1) Jump Rope (100)
2) Med Ball Plank Bosu Jump
3) Rollback Box Jumps

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