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12 Minute TONED ARMS Workout (FOLLOW ALONG!)

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If you’re looking to get toned arms these arm sculpting exercises are definitely going to be the ticket. Many women want to know how to lose arm fat to get tank top arms. To lose arm fat you need to lose overall bodyfat through nutrition and explosive cardio exercise. However you can sculpt the arms with strength exercises and that’s what we’ll show you in this bicep tricep workout.

This arm toning workout consists of 6 arm sculpting exercises that hit biceps and triceps. These will help you get sexy arms if you do them consistently. Do each of these arm exercises to lose arm fat for 10-12 reps per side. If you are a beginner shoot for 1-2 rounds of this biceps and triceps workout to sculpt the arms. If you are more advanced, shoot for 3-4 rounds of this routine to burn arm fat.

Here are the arm exercises that make up this arm workout for women:

1) Incline Hammer Curl
2) Overhead Triceps Extension
3) Isolated Biceps Curl
4) Triceps Kickback w/Twist
5) Dips
6) One-Arm Dips

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