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15 Minute GLUTES WORKOUT | Glute SCIENCE Based Exercises

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This glutes workout is a complete real time follow along booty burner that will hit your glutes from every angle. You’ll do the glutes exercises and the glute activation exercises that make up this routine for how to get a bigger butt.

This booty burn will help with glute growth by doing some of the best glute science based exercises like glute bridge, hip thrusters and abductors. This glute activation workout also includes some single leg exercises to help make sure that you grow your glutes evenly.

The best part of this booty workout is that you don’t even need to think about it….just take it to the gym and grow your glutes as you do this real time workout. The hip thrust is our favorite glute exercise and we will be doing two variations of it for a bigger butt in this follow along workout.

Here are the glutes exercises that make up this butt workout:

1) Glute Bridge
2) Kettlebell Thrusters
3) Abductors
4) Single Leg Bridge

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