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20 Minute Complete Full Body Workout (REAL TIME)

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This full body routine is a complete 20 minute total body workout at home, that you can do with no other equipment beyond a medicine ball and a band. You’ll literally work every muscle in this 20 minute full body workout. You can just follow along with me during this real time workout, and I’ll explain everything to you step by step.

The first set of exercises in this 20 min full body workout will be performed with a medicine ball. These medicine ball exercises should be done for 10 reps each, or 10 reps per side for a complete full body routine. If you don’t have a medicine ball for this at home workout, you may be able to substitute a kettlebell or plate for some of the exercises. When you are doing your full body training, follow along with me so that you get all my tips to make the exercises in this home workout as effective possible.

The second set of exercises in this 20 min full body workout at home will be performed with a band and the medicine ball. Again do this total body training with me so you get the most out of the complete total body routine.

Here are the medicine ball exercises and band exercise that make up this total body workout:

1) Squat w/Medicine Shoulder Press
2) Medicine Tricep Push Up
3) Medicine Ball Front Raises
4) One-Leg Glute Raise
5) Hip Thrust & Crunch
6) Bent Over Row

1) Band Pull Aparts
2) High Band Pull Aparts
3) Plank Hip Taps w/a Knee
4) Med Ball Curls

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