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This intense ab workout is a follow along routine full of abs exercises and obliques exercises to help you build a strong core. This is a 20 minute abs workout, and you can follow along with me during this complete abs workout. We are going to do some stability ball abs exercises, a few with a medicine ball, and finally some bodyweight ab exercises.

For this 20 min abs routine there are a total of 9 different abs exercises and obliques exercises. Some of these intense ab exercises will have to be done on each side. If you love the look of those 11 abs with two lines down the middle, this intense abs workout will definitely help you get them.

For this real time abs workout, you’ll simply follow along with me to get your number of reps. This is a complete 20 minute abs routine. However if you are a beginner this intense abs workout might be a little too intense. If that’s the case, just start with the first 5 minutes of these intense abs exercises and I promise you’ll be feeling it. If you are more advanced, do the complete real time abs workout with me.

Here are the exercises that make up this 20 minute abs workout:

1) Stability Ball Crunch
2) 1 Arm Crossover
3) 1 Arm Crossover (opposite side)
4) Pikes
5) Ball Side Crunch
6) Ball Side Crunch (opposite side)
7) Fold Up Tuck
8) Fold Up Tuck (opposite side)
9) Medi Push Crunch
10) Swimmer Kicks
11) Twist Climbers
12) 3 Direction Heels to Heavens

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