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5 ABS MISTAKES To Avoid (Worst FAILS and How To FIX!!)

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This video shows you abs workout mistakes you may be making that could the reason why you don’t have abs. These ab workout mistakes are very common and most people don’t even realize they are making them. In addition to showing you the worst abs mistakes we’ll discuss the worst ab exercises and show you some of the best ab exercises for women. For each of the abs workout fails we’ve got some suggestions for you of how to improve your ab workouts and stop making some of the worst abs mistakes.
In this video there are 5 abs mistakes to avoid. First you’re going to want to watch for eating habits as this is one of the biggest reasons for abs not showing. Another of the abs exercise mistakes that is commonly made is never using resistance. In this section we’ll show you the best ab exercises for women that include resistance so you can avoid this ab workout pitfall.

Another common women’s ab workout mistake is always doing the same exercises. This could be the number 1 reason why you don’t have six pack abs. For ab growth, it’s important to keep your abs challenged by changing up ab exercises. In this section we’ll give you some of the best ab exercises you may have never tried.
Another common ab workout fail is not working your abs as hard as the rest of your muscle groups. If you do this your abs will never show so it’s important to make sure your ab workout is challenging. In this section we’ll give you some intense new ab exercises to include in your ab workouts. The final factor of why you don’t have abs is related to consistency. Abs not showing? Have you been consistent about your workouts?

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Here are the 5 worst ab mistakes:

1) Eating Habits

2) Never Using Resistance

Examples of Ways to Add Weight

a. Add weight to Straight Leg Kickups
b. Plank Variations with weight

3) Always Doing Same Exercises

Examples of How To Change Up Workouts

a. Change plank to Kick Throughs
b. Standing Oblique Crunch
c. X-Up Crunch

4) You Don’t Train Them As Hard As Rest of Your Body

Examples of How To Train Them Harder

a. Alternate Ab Exercises Into Other Training Days

5) Lack of Consistency

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