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500 Lunge Challenge (OBLITERATE THE LEGS!!)

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This 500 lunge challenge is a leg burning workout that will help you sculpt the thighs. This lunge challenge is the perfect leg slimming workout because it helps you burn leg fat as well as serving as a thigh toning workout. Lunges are one of the best exercises for thigh sculpting, so this leg toning workout will help you strengthen and lean out the legs.

There are 10 lunge variations in this leg burning workout. If you are advanced you’ll do 25 reps per side for each of the leg slimming exercises, resting 1 minute between sides. If you are more of a beginner you can shoot for 10 reps per side of each of the lunge exercises and still get an intense thigh workout. We don’t think there will be a need for you to do multiple rounds of this thigh sculpting workout because the 500 lunges should give you a quick burn legs routine and totally obliterate your thighs. If you are looking for a full length leg toning workout check out our complete MAX/Shred program https://athleanx.com/max-shred

Here are the lunge exercises that make up this thigh slimming workout:

1) Front Lunge
2) Lateral Lunge
3) Back Lunge
4) Curtsy Lunge
5) Front Lunge to Balance
6) Tick Tock Lunges
7) Circle Tap Lunges
8) Get Up Lunge
9) 2 and 4
10) Split Jump

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