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6 BEST Legs & Glutes STRETCHES (Complete LOWER BODY Stretch)

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We’ve been getting lots of requests for a routine with legs stretches and glutes stretches to help you with how to get flexible legs and relieve pain. Today we’re giving you the ideal lower body stretch to loosen up tight glutes. We’ll also teach you how to foam roll. Let’s get started on this lower body stretch.

The first of the legs stretches we’re going to show you is foam rolling, and in fact, you can use the foam roller on your entire low body to break up knots in your tight legs and glutes. This foam rolling routine is one you can do every day. But when it comes to glute stretches some people really overdo the foam rolling. Incorporate it into your stretching routine but don’t beat your body up.

We’ve also included some instruction on how to stretch your legs. This leg stretching routine contains the best stretches for legs and will also give you a great glute stretch in the process.

With each of the moves in this lower body stretch, you can hold them for about 30 seconds. As you build a stretching routine you may find that there are some moves you want to hold for a bit longer in your leg stretching routine for increased flexibility.

Here is a list of the legs and glutes stretches we cover in this lower body stretch:

2) Thread the Needle
3) Dynamic Standing Leg Cradle
4) Rear Foot Elevated Quad Stretch
5) Dynamic Standing Quad Stretch
6) Pulsing Band Stretch
7) 1 Leg Bird Stretch

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