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7 Day Calorie Burn Challenge (HIIT Challenge for FAT LOSS!)

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This is a 7 day HIIT challenge in which you will be doing the same challenging HIIT workout for 7 days to help you learn how to lose belly fat using just home fitness.

Yes, this is a home workout that you can literally do anywhere because this HIIT routine will help you achieve fat loss with absolutely no equipment at all. If you want to know how to get rid of belly fat, it’s important to realize that a HIIT challenge alone isn’t going to cover it. You’ll need to also work on your diet in coordination with this calorie burn challenge. However when you combine this workout challenge with a nutrition plan designed to reduce belly fat, you will burn calories more quickly and accelerate your results.

In this fat burnin challenge there are only two exercises, squats jumps and puahupa. Both of the exercises in this calorie burn routine are simple and straight forward. You are going to start by doing 20 jump squats and 1 pushup for this 7 day challenge. Then for the next round of this HIIT routine you’ll be doing 19 jump squats and 2 pushups, followed by 18 jump squats and 3 pushups continuing in this way until you get to 1 jump squat and 20 pushups. This is a killer HIIT workout for fat loss and you are guaranteed calorie burn each time you do it.

Follow this fat loss routine for 7 days and see how you look and feel. If you enjoyed this insane HIIT challenge let us know in the comments and if you’d like to see us do another fat loss challenge, let us know that too!

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