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7 Minute Leg Workout (SLIM AND BUILD LEGS!!)

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Today we’ve got a 7 minute legs workout for you that will help you build strength and also get slimmer thighs. This is a total leg workout that includes leg exercises to hit literally every leg muscle. This slim legs workout is a hiit workout including lots of plymetrics like squat jumps and jump lunges so if you’ve got bad knees, you may want to modify these thighs exercises to eliminate the jumping.

Ready to get started with this 7 minute legs routine? Get ready to slim your legs with just 7 leg exercises. You’ll be doing 50 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest for each of the thigh exercises. If you don’t have a timer, don’t worry, you can follow along with me during this 7 minute workout for legs.

If you’re a beginner, modify the leg workout by taking more rest if you have to or removing some of the jumping. If you are very advanced and want to do this slimmer legs workout twice through, go for it.

Here are the exercises that make up this complete leg workout:

1) Jump Lunge w/ Clap
2) Squat w/Calf Raise
3) Step Up w/Lunge Back
4) Step Up w/ Lunge Back (other side)
5) Squat Jacks
6) Dumbbell snatch
7) Squats and Jump Lunges

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