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ABS TIGHTENING Exercises for a SLIMMER WAIST (Fast Results!)

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If you want to know how to tighten abs, mountain climbers are the ideal exercise. Mountain climbers provide you with a fat burning ab workout because they tighten the waist by toning the ab muscles while getting you heart rate up to help you burn overall bodyfat and get a slimmer waist. In this routine for a flat belly we’ve got 10 mountain climber variations that you can incorporate into your lower abs workout to help you get that flat belly. You don’t have to use all of these mountain climber variations in every abs routine. You can just choose 2-3 of these to help tighten abs each day or with each abs workout you do. The combination of plyometric movements and ab strengthening will help you get a small waist in no time.

The best way to incorporate these lower abs exercises into your abs routine is to do approximately 1 minute of each of the flatter abs exercises that you choose from this list of 10 mountain climber variations. These are great to do as part of an overall fat burning abs workout, as a finisher or as a prep exercise for tougher ab workouts.

If you are a beginner and can’t manage an entire might of these moves for tighter abs, no problem. Just modify by doing 15-45 seconds, whatever you’re able to do of these flat stomach movements. However if you’re more advanced choose a few exercise and do them for a minute each to help you get a slim waist.

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