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Blast Belly Fat HIIT Workout (MY ABS & CARDIO ROUTINE)

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If you’re looking to lose belly fat and get six pack abs this abs and cardio workout will help you with those goals. This cardio and abs routine includes abs exercises to help you build your core muscles and a HIIT cardio blast at the end of each round to help you burn belly fat.

This is a true HIIT for abs workout in the sense that you’ll be doing an abs workout HIIT style with very little rest between abs and cardio exercises to get your heart rate up. And then the high intensity interval training cardio burst at the end will show you how to lose belly fat fast.

There are 5 abs moves in this abs and cardio HIIT routine. You’ll do each of the first 5 exercises in this HIIT workout for abs for 50 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest. At the end of the 5 exercises in this abs workout you’ll do 500 high knees to blast fat. You should do this routine at least 2 times through if you’re a beginner looking to lose belly fat. If you’re more advanced and looking to burn belly fat, shoot for 3-4 rounds of this HIIT workout. Some of these abs and cardio exercises may be new to you, so give the moves in this cardio and abs workout a try before attempting the complete six pack abs workout.

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