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FAT LOSS 101 FOR WOMEN | Belly Fat | Bra Fat | Love Handles GONE

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If you are looking to learn how to lose fat throughout the body including how to lose bra fat, lose love handles, and how to lose lower belly fat, you’ve come to the right place. This video is your complete guide to fat loss for women and will teach you about nutrition for fat loss and specific exercises that while they won’t directly help with female fat loss, they will help improve the look of the most common areas women tend to store fat: the love handles, belly and bra area.

There are 3 phases in this how to lose belly fat tutorial. In the first phase of the how to lose fat guide, you’ll be learning how to change your diet for fat loss and also what exercises will help you get rid of love handles and lose lower belly fat. If you are looking for a complete program to include nutrition for fat loss and routines to show you how to lose fat fast, check out our complete MAX/Shred program https://athleanx.com/max-shred

In the first phase you’ll be cleaning up your diet to help lose lower belly fat and learning to contract and activate the abs. In the second phase of this 3 phase plan you’ll be continuing with your healthy diet changes and starting more exercises to help lose love handles, lose bra fat and decrease your belly fat. In Phase 3 you’ve got the diet down and you can start to do more challenging exercises to continue to build muscle mass and blast body fat.
Here are the elements of the different phases of this fat loss plan:

Phase 1: Clean Up Diet, eat healthy
Learn to contract the abs and activate them
a) Chair situp for abs

Phase 2: Stabilization Exercises
a) Look at pec major/minor stretches for posture for bra fat
b) Swiss Ball situps for love handles
c) Pushup for chest fat
d) Single arm chest press
e) Banded rotational exercises

Phase 3: Got Diet Down
a) Bench Press or Dumbbell Chest Press
b) Plyo Pushups
c) Oblique Trifecta
d) Standing Dumbbell Crunch

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