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Good Morning Fat Burn (DO THIS FIRST THING!!)

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If you are looking for a 2019 morning routine you’ve got to try this straight out of bed workout. With this morning routine 2019 will be the year you get your fat burn on! This is a body weight workout that will help you get a full body workout in the morning as soon as you wake up. If you’ve got no equipment and you need to do a home workout, a calisthenics or a hiit workout are ideal because they use no equipment at all. This calisthenics workout fits the bill for a total body workout.

There are 4 exercises in this fasted cardio routine. These morning exercises should be done in high intensity interval training style meaning at full intensity and with little rest between exercises. If you have to take a brief rest during this bodyweight workout you can do so, but get back to the exercises as fast as you can to maximize fat burn. If you are a beginner try to do at least 2 rounds of this total body workout. If you are more advanced you can try to do 3-4 rounds of this at home workout. If you are looking for a complete 2019 fat burning workout program check out our MAX/Shred program https://athleanx.com/max-shred

Here are the exercises that make up this body weight workout:

1) 50 Pushups
2) 50 Jump Squats
3) 200 High Knees
4) 100 Bicycle Crunches

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