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How I Got My Body Back After Baby #3! (POST PREGNANCY TRAINING TIPS)

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I’ve just had baby #3. Wondering how I got my body back after baby? I’m about to tell you how to get back in shape after pregnancy with the best training tips and advice that I followed to get my postpartum body back. If you want to get back in shape after giving birth it’s important that you follow these after pregnancy training tips.

I’m on my third baby so I know what it takes to get your body back after baby. Needless to say that with each pregnancy it gets harder to get back in shape. One of my most important postpartum fitness tips is to be patient with yourself when you’re trying to lose the baby weight. These after pregnancy tips will tell you how I got my body back after pregnancy, but as you’ll see, even as an experienced lifter I had to take my time to get back in shape.

Within a couple weeks of giving birth the first thing I did for post pregnancy workouts was simply walking. After pregnancy your body does need some time to recover so walking is a great way to help your body after baby. Once you are ready for it, you can start with some bodyweight training to get your body back after pregnancy. To begin weight training normally, I waited until my doctor gave me the green light at 6 weeks postpartum. I began by doing 2 lower body and 2 upper body workouts per week for my post pregnancy workouts and as I got stronger I increased it to 3 lower body workouts.

One important piece of advice to get yourself back in shape after pregnancy is to focus on getting muscle mass back before cardio, as tempting as it may seem to try to do lots of cardio to lose the baby weight. During the final parts of pregnancy you do lose muscle mass, so focus on gaining it back before starting in with the cardio.

1) Began Walking and then Bodyweight Training
2) At 6 Weeks Could Begin To Weight Train Normally (2 Lower Body, 2 Upper Body)
3) Get Back Muscle Mass First Before Cardio

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