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How I’m Getting Back In Shape AFTER PREGNANCY (Welcome Back Amy Jo!)

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Amy Jo is back and she’s getting back in shape after the birth of her 3rd son. In this video, she will show you how she’s getting back in shape after pregnancy, and changes to the body after baby. It can be tough to get your body back after baby. And certainly you have to proceed with caution to lose weight after pregnancy to make sure you are giving baby the needed nutrients in breast milk and taking care of your body too. Learn in this video how Amy Jo manages her post pregnancy workouts and how getting in shape after pregnancy doesn’t have to be difficult or painful.

First when it comes to how I got my body back after pregnancy it’s important to tell myself that I have to be patient. Getting back in shape takes time and effort, but your family and new baby come first. If you are looking to get back in shape after pregnancy it could take more time to do so than at other points in your life and that’s important to be aware of so you don’t get discouraged trying to lose weight after baby. Know that life is more important than just your physique and prioritize yourself, your new baby and your family while you try to lose the baby weight.

Some of the tips Amy Jo has when it comes to getting back in shape post partum are to challenge your thoughts when you feel ‘hungry’ right after a meal. If you feel like you’ve eaten enough to support yourself and your breast feeding needs, try to avoid succumbing to those cravings. In terms of how to get back in shape after pregnancy, it can be tempting to want to do cardio, but you should prioritize weightlifting over cardio. Energy levels are lower after pregnancy and it’s likely you’ve lost some muscle mass so strength should be your priority. Fish oil is a great support to your body while you try to lose the baby weight, because it has lots of great Omega 3s so make sure to include that in your diet.

Finally the toughest piece of how to lose weight after pregnancy is to make sure you’re getting enough rest. Sometimes with a newborn that can be tough, but ask your spouse and other children if you’ve got them to help you be able to sneak in naps if needed. They can be lifesavers! Our complete MAX/Shred program can be a great support to you as you work to lose the baby weight and build strength post-partum, and allows you to work at your current level https://athleanx.com/max-shred

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1) Be Patient
2) Family Comes First
3) Life Is More Than Just Your Physique


1) Challenging Thoughts About Eating More
2) Set Mind on Just Lifting
3) Use Fish Oil
4) Sleep (A Tough One)

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