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How To Engage The Core in Abs Exercises (FIX LOW BACK PAIN!)

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Learn how to engage the core and how to fix low back pain in your ab workouts with the tips and exercises we give in this video. Lower back pain problems in your ab workouts can be caused by hip flexors that are overactive or a weak low back.

Today we’ll help you ease that back pain by making sure you get the proper core activation in your abs and lower abs exercises as well as build strength with lower back exercises. We’re giving you some of the best exercises to activate the abs and low back exercises to strengthen and protect your back.

You can incorporate these into your lower abs workout a few times a week so that you learn how to engage the core and get better abs activation in your abs or low back workouts. If you are a beginner shoot for 1-2 rounds of all of these abs and low back exercises. If you are more advanced you can do 3-4 rounds of these core and lower back exercises.

Remember, most of the problems with back pain from abs workouts come from the fact that we fail to activate the core, which means hip flexors or lower back try to take over. So you must engage the core to make sure its the abs that are doing the work.

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