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How To Get a Rounder Butt (FROM FLAT TO FABULOUS!!)

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If you’re looking to get a bigger butt, this routine will show you how to build a booty with all our best glute building tips. And you don’t have to lift super heavy to grow your butt. First we’ll give you some great activation exercises for you to grow your butt at home. Then we’ll show you our 5 favorite exercises for a rounder butt. And finally we’ll give you some great tips for what kind of cardio will help you get a rounder butt.

First there are 3 activation exercises we suggest for how to get a bigger booty, and you should do one or two of these prior to your bigger butt workout. Then, do the complete butt workout we’ve suggested below. There are 5 exercises in this workout for how to get a rounder butt. You’ll do each of these build a booty exercises for 10-15 reps before moving on to the next. If you are a beginner you can shoot for 1-2 rounds of this perfect butt workout. If you are more advanced try to do 3-4 rounds of this bubble butt workout. If you want to know how to grow your glutes, check out our complete MAX/Shred program https://athleanx.com/max-shred

Here are the exercises that make up this workout for a bigger butt:

Activation Exercises for a rounder butt:

1) Band Side Shuffle
2) Monster Walks
3) Clam Shells

Main Exercises for a bigger butt:

1) Banded or Cable Kickback
2) Single Leg Swiss Ball Squat
3) Single Leg Deadlift
4) Single Leg Squat to Bench
5) Up Down Pop Squats

Tips for cardio for a perfect butt:

1) Use elevation when treadmill walking
2) Run Hills
3) Stairs or Stair Steppers

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