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How To Get Wider Hips (Fix Your Hip Dips FOR GOOD!!)

See how to get wider hips and fix your hip dips with our MAX/Shred program

Get curvier hips with these exercises to get wider hips and reduce hip dips. What are hip dips? They are the inward curvature of the hip just below the hip bone. Any hip dips fix needs to take into account that these are largely genetic, and a function of how your hips are shaped. So while you may not be able to completely get rid of hip dips, there are some exercises that you can use to build your hips. This wider hips workout is sure to help.

There are 5 exercises for how to fix your hip dips in this curvier hips routine. For each of these exercises to get wider hips you will do 12-15 reps. You’ll do 3 sets of each of the wider hips exercises before moving on to the next. If you are a beginner you can do just one 1-2 sets of each move in the violin hips workout. If you are more advanced you can shoot for 3-4 sets of each fo the hip dips moves. If you are looking to fix your hip dips and want to know how to get curvy hips, check out our complete MAX/Shred program


Here are the wider hips exercises that make up this workout for wider hips:

1) Cable Abduction w/Lunge
2) Dumbbell Squat w/Kickout
3) Dumbbell Curtsy Pulsing Lunge
4) Slider Kickouts
5) Fire Hydrant Extensions

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