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If you’re looking to learn how to trim the waist it may not be simply a matter of burning fat. If you’re finding that despite your healthy diet and your previous ability to lose belly fat hiding the abs, you’re still not able to completely flatten your belly, you may have an issue with bloated stomach caused by foods that cause bloating. Today we’ll help you discover foods that bloat you, how to reduce bloating and get a flatter belly. One of our nutrition tips is that sugar alcohols, often found in protein bars and other sugar-free foods may cause a bloated stomach. Another of the foods that bloat some people is dairy.

We’ll also help you learn how to slim the waist through exercise tips and some of the best flat stomach exercises there are. These exercises work the transverse abdominis which is that belt like muscle that pulls in the waist. If you get the transversus abdominus working you’ll be able to get a slim waist just by making sure you strengthen this muscle and continue to pull it in not only during your waist workout but also while sitting and standing in normal daily life. Pulling in the transverse abdominals is one of the best exercise tips for getting a tiny waist. Don’t underestimate its ability to help you trim the waist and get that tiny waist you’re after.

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