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LEAN LEGS Workout | Toned & Slim

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If you’re looking to get leaner legs and strong legs, this leg slimming workout will help you reach that goal. Because the exercises work both leg strength and explosive movements, they will help you lose bodyfat (and thus lose leg fat) while you build strong toned legs.

There are many slim legs workouts out there that promise to help you burn leg fat, but it’s important to know that you can’t spot reduce to burn thigh fat. You have to burn fat throughout the body using nutrition and cardio in order to lose leg fat.

Now that we’ve covered that, lets get on to our slim legs workout and help you get those long lean legs!

There are 5 exercises in this thigh fat burning workout. You’ll want to follow along and do each of the legs exercises for the prescribed number of reps. To do this entire thigh slimming workout, you will need a complete gym with a cable machine. But we promise the cable machine ones are some of the best thigh exercises!

If you are a beginner try to do 1-2 rounds of this lean legs workout. If you are more advanced you can attempt 3 or more rounds of this leg workout for women. If any of these legs exercises are ones you’ve never seen before, be sure to give them a try before attempting the complete long lean legs routine.

Here are the exercises that make up this workout for slimmer legs:

1) Cable Kickback to Lateral Kickout Lunge
2) Goblet Squat to Reverse Lunge
3) Plie Squat to Plie Jumps
4) Low Box Squat Jump
5) Single Leg Bench Jumps

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