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Lose Thigh Fat Fast (INTENSE HIIT FOR LEGS!!)

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This routine will help you lose leg fat by giving you a thigh slimming workout that both builds strength and blasts fat. This workout will not only burn thigh fat, it will help you slim your legs by sculpting them. If you are looking to lose leg fat, this is the ideal thigh slimming workout for you.

There are 5 exercises in this HIIT for legs workout. You’ll do 25 reps of each of the moves in this intense workout. But here’s the kicker. You’re going to set your timer for 20 minutes with a bell every minute. Every time you hear the bell in this intense HIIT workout you need to stop and do 2 burpees. So if you are in the middle of your 25 reps of one of the moves in this fat burning leg workout, and the tone rings you must stop the thigh exercises, do 2 burpees and resume. If you finished 25 reps of all the exercises in this routine for how to lose leg fat before the 20 minutes are up, you should start over and repeat the exercises in this intense HIIT workout until you hit the 20 minute mark. If you are looking for a complete thigh workout that doubles as a leg slimming workout, check out our MAX/Shred program https://athleanx.com/max-shred

Here are the exercises that make up this workout to burn leg fat.

1) Squat Cleans
2) Box Jumps
3) Down Down Up Up Squat
4) Kneel Drives (25 each leg)
5) 4x4s

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