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My Favorite Fat Loss Workout (SIMPLE BUT HARD!!)

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Lots of people have been asking for my favorite fat loss workout. Well this is my favorite cardio workout…but I’m warning you, you’ve got to do a challenging cardio workout for it to be the best fat burning workout. This fat burning HIIT workout is about 40 minutes long, but it will give you great fat loss results!

This fat burning workout is called an EMOM workout which means every minute on the minute. You’ve got your regular fat burning exercises which are the weighted step up burpees, back lunges and pushups that you’re going to perform during the workout, but you’ll be setting your timer to ring every minute, and every minute on the minute you’re going to do 4 alternating plank rows regardless of where you’re at in this fat burn workout. The idea for this best fat loss workout is to do 100 weighted step up burpees and if the timer rings in the middle of those which it will, stop and do the 4 alternating plank rows and then continue with the weighted step up burpees until you reach 100 or the buzzer rings again at which point you’d do another 4 alternating plank rows. For my fat loss workout you’ll be trying to do 100 step up burpees, 25 back lunges on each leg and 100 pushups. This is a complete fat burning workout. If you are a beginner you can cut the numbers for my favorite cardio workout in half doing 50 step up burpees and 12 back lunges on each leg and 50 pushups. But if you are more advanced try to do the complete version of my fat loss workout. This ‘best fat burning workout’ should take about 40 minutes total.
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Here are the exercises that make up my favorite cardio workout:

1) 100 Weighted Step Up Burpees
2) 4 Alternating Plank Rows (every minute when it buzzes)
3) 25 Back Lunges (on each leg)
4) 4 Alternating Plank Rows (every minute when it buzzes)
5) 100 Pushups
6) 4 Alternating Plank Rows (every minute when it buzzes)

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