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Quick Triceps Workout (TONED TANK TOP ARMS)

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This womens triceps workout gives you the best triceps exercises to help tone up the back of the arms. This is a quick burn tricep workout. It won’t take long but it sure will burn out your arms!

This arm toning workout contains 3 triceps exercises and a superset. You’ll do each of the tricep exercises for 12-15 reps before moving on to the next one. If needed you can take about 30 seconds of rest between those first three exercises in this arm workout. For the superset, there will be no rest between arm toning exercises.

If you are a beginner looking to lose arm fat and get rid of bat wings, you can do this arm fat workout 1-2 times through. If you are advanced and really looking to tone up the arms, try to do 3-4 rounds of this arm toning workout.

Here are the arm exercises that make up this tank top arms workout:

1) Cable Tricep Pulldowns
2) Dumbbell Tricep Extension
3) Bench Dips
4) Superset: Bentover Dumbbell Tricep Kickback/Single Arm Tricep Pushup/Front Tricep Pushup

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