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Sculpt Your Booty | BUTT WORKOUT AT HOME | No Equipment

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These booty sculpting exercises will help you get a complete glutes workout at home. This is a no equipment booty workout, so literally all you need is your body and a mat. It is possible to sculpt the glutes with a home booty workout and we’ll show you how it’s done.

This sculpt the booty routine has 5 bodyweight glutes exercises. To do this booty sculpting workout you’ll set an interval timer for 20 rounds of 30 seconds of work and 5 seconds of rest. First you’ll do all of the no equipment glutes exercises with one side and then you’ll move over to the other side to complete this glutes workout at home. You’ll do two complete sets of each side for a complete home butt workout. Since one side of your glutes doesn’t get much rest during these bodyweight glutes exercises, your glutes are going to really burn!

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Here are the booty sculpting exercises that make up this no equipment glutes workout:

1) Donkey Pulses
2) Straight Leg Donkey Pulses
3) Glute Circles
4) Rear Leg Raises
5) One Leg Glute Bridge

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