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Top 4 Worst HIIT Workout Mistakes People Make (DON’T DO THIS!!)

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If you are making any of these worst HIIT workout mistakes, you might not be getting the best results out of your HIIT workouts. These HIIT mistakes are easy to avoid. Listen as we share the worst HIIT mistakes with you and show you how to do HIIT in the most effective way.

Today we’re not going to be sharing any HIIT secrets but instead we’ll show you some cardio mistakes that may be inhibiting your results. If you want to know how to do HIIT cardio or are worried that you’re doing HIIT wrong, you’ll for sure want to avoid these workout mistakes. Our MAX/Shred program will make sure you avoid workout mistakes and get a great workout https://athleanx.com/max-shred

Are you doing cardio wrong? Here are the cardio mistakes to avoid:

1) Not Pushing Yourself Enough
2) People Aren’t Resting Between Intervals
3) Some People Rest Too Long
4) Not Doing Workouts You Enjoy

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