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Waist Slimming & Lower Back Workout | GET RID OF LOW BACK FAT

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This workout will help you get rid of low back fat with a waist slimming workout that not only helps you build strength in your low back and abs but will help you lose low back fat as well. If you want to burn back fat it’s important to recognize that it’s not possible to spot reduce fat in any area of your body. To lose lower back fat you’ll have to work on overall body fat loss through cardio exercise and healthy nutrition. However, doing the right exercises can help you get the appearance of a smaller waist, and can help you improve the look of that love handles area. The exercises in this burn lower back fat workout will actually help you do this and get rid of back fat at the same time because they are strength exercises that double as cardio.

There are 5 lower back exercises sequences in this waist slimming workout. You’ll do each of the exercises listed in the smaller waist sequences for the number of reps specified in the lower back workout instructions below. If you are a beginner try to do this get rid of back fat workout at least one time through. If you are more advanced you can try this routine to lose back fat more than once for a more challenging smaller waist workout. If you are looking for a complete program to burn low back fat and fat throughout the body check out our complete Athlean-XX for Women program https://athleanx.com/max-shred

Here are the lower back exercises that make up this back fat workout:

1) 20 Side Kicks / 25 Rotating Pushups / 25 Rotating Mountain Climbers / 20 Tuck Jumps
2) 10 Crab Touches / 10 Alternating Touches / 10 X Ups
3) 10 Side to Side Mat Jumps / 10 Heel Taps / 10 Knee Tucks
4) 10 Slider Circle V Up / 10 Split Leg / 25 Mountain Climbers
5) 10 Elbow Jacks / 15 Plank Runners

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